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Come By Our Victoria Facility for Comprehensive Repair Services

Since 1995, TC Motors has been Victoria’s Mercedes-Benz* and Smart* car repair specialists. As a dedicated Mercedes-Benz facility, our knowledge of these vehicles and our specialized equipment is unmatched. Instead of just replacing parts, we focus on diagnosing underlying issues to avoid recurrence. We have four highly skilled technicians to work on your Mercedes-Benz and/or Smart car maintenance and repair needs. Some of our repair services include:

Brake repairs

Suspension repairs

Wheel alignment

Water pump repairs

Timing belt replacement

A/C repairs

Nothing Will Be Missed with Our Computer Diagnostic Equipment

Today’s cars have become far more advanced with regards to their electronic systems. That’s why it’s imperative to have the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to be able to identify any issues that cannot be identified through a visual inspection. With our advanced diagnostic equipment, we can identify electronic issues including wiring problems, electric draw problems, warning lights issues, and we can provide alternator replacements. For more information on our repair services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


We provide maintenance for fuel injection systems, transmissions, power steering and more.

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