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We’ve been providing our Mercedes-Benz and Smart car maintenance and repair services for over 15 years.

Mercedes-Benz and Smart Car Maintenance and Repairs in Victoria

At TC Motors in Victoria, we’ve been providing our clients with superior auto parts, service, and supplies for over 15 years. As a dedicated Mercedes-Benz* and Smart* car service centre, we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to provide our services to the highest standard of quality. We employ 4 technicians, each with over 20 years’ experience working with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We also use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and our services are conducted to factory specifications, ensuring your car will leave our lot in similar condition to when it left the sales floor. Our services include:


Oil change

Fuel injection



Power steering


Timing belt

Service lights

Spark plugs

Filter replacements

A/C system maintenance


Electrical issues

Wiring problems

Electrical draw test

Alternator replacement



Wheel alignments

Water pumps

Timing belt replacements

Warning vehicle light diagnostics

A/C system repairs

We Don’t Just Replace Parts, We Diagnose and Address the Root Causes

At TC Motors, we’re not satisfied with just replacing worn down parts. With our expertise and advanced diagnostic equipment, we can identify root problems that may be causing issues to your vehicle. And, as cars become more electronically advanced, it’s vital that your auto service centre has the equipment to diagnose electrical issues that can’t be picked up by a visual inspection. When you come to TC Motors, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is being serviced by expert technicians utilizing advanced technology. To learn more, give us a call.


We’re a Proud Member of the Automotive Retailers Association

* We do not work on Mercedes-Benz Sprinters
* We only work with gas and diesel Smart cars


We provide maintenance for fuel injection systems, transmissions, power steering and more.


We repair brakes, suspensions, air conditioners, water pumps, timing belts and much more.

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